Prepping Makes a Difference


Follow these tips to optimize treatment results:

  1. Appointment: Keep your regular appointments. If you have a long term weight loss goal, it is important you keep your momentum going so that you can get there faster. If you miss your appointment, be sure to reschedule sooner than later so that you can stay on track.

  2. Eating: Do not eat or drink 2 hours before or 2 hours after your treatment. If you must eat, keep it light.

  3. Water Consumption: Drink at least 8-10 glasses a day the day of your treatments. We can suggest ways to make it easier if you need help.

  4. Immediate Exercise: 10 minutes on our whole body vibration plate after your treatment.

  5. Skin: Do not use any lotions or creams on the body parts you are wanting treated.

  6. Monitor Calorie Intake: Maintain a healthy diet of low carbohydrates / low fat that is designed, at a minimum, to maintain your weight and not cause you to gain weight back. Not sure what to eat? We can help you here as well. Simply reach out to us or talk to us about it at your session.

  7. Alcohol: Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption while receiving these treatments (alcohol interferes with liver function, reducing its ability to process fatty acids).

  8. Supplements: Use a liver detox supplement during the course of your treatment. You can purchase this from our office before or at your first session.

  9. What to Wear: Bathing suit or under garments if your comfortable wearing just that.  Keeping in mind wherever you want to lose inches the light has to be emitting directly on the skin.

Want to maximize your treatment results even more?

After your Contour session, add 12 minutes of interval exercise (within that same day).