What makes our light treatment different?

Contour Light uses LED light to help naturally slim, shape and tone areas including the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms.

  • The Contour Light emits far more light energy than any other similar device.

  • The heat and unique wavelength of the light stimulates fat cells to release energy.  That energy is then easily metabolized back into the body.

  • The process is similar to when your body enters the “fat burning” stage of a good cardiovascular workout.

  • It also increases collagen and elastin in the skin while creating a slimmer appearance.

  • Contour Light is completely safe, painless and noninvasive.

Unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light, or freezing, LED-based therapies like the Contour Light do not cause cellular damage. Not only does the Contour Light not cause damage or pain, it has actually been shown to promote a natural healing response in the body.

A Contour Light session is pain-free, with no heat or discomfort, and is safe and non-evasive. We use this advanced technology for more than just fat loss and skin tightening on the body. We also use a face mask for skin tightening that helps increase collagen and elastin resulting in more youthful looking skin on the face and neck. Our newest updated technology also allows us to treat chronic pain with lights 2x's stronger than ever before.